Transfering in Existing Credit


If you have preexisting college credits from an accredited institution, contact your past schools and order a copy of your transcripts.  You will be able to apply those credits to your program which will accelerate how quickly you get your new RN degree.  Have the official copy sent to your ASN degree granting institution so they can evaluate them for the credits you are lacking.   (If you are using RNBP as a supplement to your traditional nursing program then you will not need to get your transcripts.)

For the Excelsior College ASN Program your official transcripts can be sent to;

Excelsior College Bursar’s Office
7 Columbia Circle
Albany, New York 12203-5159
To call:  888-647-2388 (press 1-3-1-4 at the automated greeting)
Download the EC admissions application

For the Excelsior College ASN program you do not need to officially enroll into Excelsior until you get into your nursing classes.  If all you need are nursing classes then you should submit your application along with your official transcripts.

You do not need to wait until your transcripts have been evaluated to start.  Most students know what credits they have already earned from previous schooling so they usually just start immediately with a class they know they need.  Click here for the EC ASN program curriculum requirements.

For nursing classes you can be enrolling while simultaneously studying for your first exam.  (You can take the first two nursing classes and exams without being enrolled as an Excelsior student but you must be enrolled from then on out.)

After deciding on a class you will start with then you need to join our community so you can start earning your degree!