Program Cost


Getting your ASN-RN degree through Excelsior College costs considerably less than traditional programs.  How much it will cost for you specifically will depend on how many prerequisites you still need to take.  The Excelsior College fees below are paid directly to Excelsior throughout the time you are enrolled with them.  You do not need to be enrolled in Excelsior College to take prerequisite exams or the exams for NURX104 and NURX105.  While you are studying for NURX106 is when you would enroll into Excelsior College at which time you would pay the application and enrollment fees.   Your examination fees are paid as you go.

Excelsior College Fees
Application Fee- $75
Enrollment Fee- $895
FCCA- $375
Information Literacy- $315
CPNE- $1,950
Graduation Fee- $495

CLEP Examination Fees
Humanities- $75
Psychology- $75
Sociology- $75

ECE Prerequisite Examination Fees
Anatomy and Physiology- $335
Life Span/Developmental Psych- $235
English Composition- $335
Microbiology- $235

ECE Nursing Examination Fees
NURX104- Health Safety- $240
NURX105- Health Differences**- $240
NURX106- Chronicity- $240
NURX107- Reproductive Health- $240
NURX211- Health Diff. Lifespan 1- $240
NURX212- Health Diff. Lifespan 2- $240
NURX213- Health Diff. Lifespan 3- $240
NURX214- Transition to Reg. Nurse Profession- $240

**LPN/LVNs are exempt from NC105

Of course if you decide to join the RNBP community you would factor in the cost of your membership fee.  It is not, however, mandatory to use RNBP to prepare for exams.  If you are a great self studier and you don’t need the support and live lecture of a traditional program then you can certainly earn your degree on your own.  RNBP is only here for the people that need a faster and easier way to prepare for exams without having to self learn from a stack of textbooks.