How the Program Works


With RNBP you will earn your ASN-RN degree entirely through assisted self study, video instruction, live virtual lectures and by earning college credits through examination. As a healthcare professional you already have clinical experience, practical skills and academic credit that you can use toward an RN degree.  After having your past college credits evaluated to see which ones you can transfer in you will bridge the gap of lacking credits by earning credits through examination.

After studying from home and with the support of RNBP’s learning system you will be prepared to challenge the exams to earn your credits.  There is one exam per course that will be taken either at a local College or University or at a Perason Vue testing center.  Driving to the testing center is the only commuting involved in the program.  Everything else is done from home at a pace that suits your lifestyle.  After completing all prerequisite classes you then enroll into Excelsior College, your degree granting institution, to complete your nursing concept classes.  You continue as usual, studying from home and taking exams.

After passing all of your exams and completing all the RN bridge program curriculum requirements you will earn your accredited degree which will allow you to sit for your NCLEX, or state board exam.  RNBP only refers students to regionally accredited institutions so your degree will have the same level of accreditation and prestige as if you had gone to a traditional program.  You’ll just get it in less time.

*Be sure to check with your state board of nursing for any additional clinical requirements or restrictions in your state for Excelsior College.  Click here for state restrictions and contact information to your board of nursing.